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Message from Chair

About us

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My name is Melissa Upson and I serve as both Chair of the Mason County Republican Party and as a Precinct Committee Officer.

Mason County has been my home for nearly 40 years, it is where I now raise my children and where I hope to see conservative values prosper. I believe in preserving our individual liberties as outlined in the Constitution, and I believe it takes a true grassroots effort to ensure we elect Republicans who will defend those rights and liberties we value so much. I would like to personally welcome you all to join our efforts or simply learn more about local government. We meet on the fourth Monday of every month, come, and meet a wonderful group of patriots and learn more about what you can do to preserve Mason County for future generations.

The Republican Party is the party of freedom. We believe in keeping government small, fiscal responsibility, the rule of law and order, and a government who is accountable to its people.

Our fundamental purpose is to elect Republicans to office. We do this through engaging citizens, creating awareness of the issues our district faces and by raising money to support courageous candidates who are willing to serve the people of Mason County. We must continue to restore voter confidence, get the vote out, be a positive presence in our community and grow our organization. Grassroots activism is alive and well in Mason County, and we encourage you to join our efforts.

E Board
executive board

Your 2022-2024 Mason County Republican Party Executive Board is comprised of dedicated individuals who have a vast array of experience in different sectors or political organizations. Together, your executive board is committed to serving the will of the body, the Precinct Committee Officers, and ensuring to the success of the party overall.  

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Melissa Upson
Wes Martin
Bob Rogers
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Pauline Martin
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Pat Tarzwell
Leslie Peterson

Your 2022-2024 elected Precinct Committee Officers are comprised of the following citizens, who have graciously stepped up to ensure the success of electing Republican by serving as leaders in their individual precincts or in vacant precincts with no resident PCO. To become an appointed PCO, reach out by email to

April Pooler, PCO Pickering #113

Bernie Walton, PCO Harstine #114

Craig Price, PCO Grapeview #115

Wes Martin, PCO Mason Lake #116

Tessa Ashley, PCO Fair Harbor #117

Dinah Griffey, PCO South Allyn #118

Michael Curtin, PCO Victor #119

Steve Duenkel, PCO Belfair #120

Travis Couture, PC Tiger Lake #121

Jerry Shank, PCO Dewatto #122

Sue Perrault, PCO Tahuya #123

Gary LeRoy Denend, PCO North Sand Hill #124

Braden Sisk, PCO Trails End #125

John Sheridan, PCO Twanoh #126

Ted Jackson, PCO North Allyn #127

Robert MacEwen, PC Harstine Point #128

Liz Webber, PCO North Shore #130

Dan Griffey, PC South Sand Hill #131

Tony Smetzler, PC Bordeaux #205

Drew MacEwen, PCO Kamilche Point #207

Philip Wilson, PCO Union #227

David Thompson, PCO Skokomish #228

Gordy Lueckenotte, PCO Lake Cushman #230

Becky Wilson, PCO Eells #231

Melissa Upson, PCO Matlock #232

Peggy Lingle Cobain, PCO Kamilche #234

Bethany Simmons, PCO Isabella #235

Leslie Peterson, PCO Airport #236

Nathan Hickson, PC Johns Prairie #237

Chuck Thompson, PCO North Limerick #238

Randy Lewis, PC South Limerick #239

Pat Tarzwell, PCO Brockdale #240

Cynthia Stang, PCO Hoodsport #241

Jennifer Haugland, PCO Schumaker Creek #243

Ross Pergason, PCO Olympic View #301

Karen Barr, PCO Downtown #302

Andrew Wilford, PCO North Angleside #303

George Blush, PCO Hillcrest #304

Terry Peterson, PC Shelton Springs #305

Beau Boutwell, PCO Fawn Lake #306

Lorilyn Rogers, PCO South Angleside #307

Gabriel Mora, PCO North Arcadia #308

Dale Wheatley, PC South Arcadia #309

Elizabeth Hill, PCO Agate #310

Bill Wells, PCO Oakland Bay #311

John Welch, PCO Timberlake #312

Jim Shepherd, PC Callanan #339

Rebecca Bechtolt, PCO Crestview #340

Ted Trask, PCO Lynch Creek #341

Partner Organizations
Partner organizations

The Republican Women’s Club of Mason County is an affiliate organization of the Mason County Republicans. The RWMC is an amazing group of women who work hard to keep our community well informed and engaged in local politics. Look for them at events throughout the year such a The Bite of Shelton Expo, Candidates in the Park and at their twice-monthly meetings where they host fun guests with an alternating luncheon and dinner to accommodate busy schedules.

Check out their website for more information and please support this wonderful club by joining today!

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